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Radical Monitor

μ-AP Type Nonequilibrium Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Apparatus

μ-AP Type Nonequilibrium Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Apparatus

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Product Information
Radical Monitor
Understanding a reaction occuring at the surface is needed in advanced plasma processing. The Radical Monitor is the only radical measuring apparatus that can be used during plasma processings.
Radical Monitor
  • 【Radical species】  H/N/O
  • 【Measuring method】  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
  • 【Detection limit】   1010/cm³and above
  • 【Monitoring method】  Probe
  • 【Installing method】  ICF70 flange
  • The world's first radical measuring device that can be used during the plasma process
  • "One-port" system which allows you to easily install onto various devices.
  • Possible to measure an absolute density of radical H、N、O
  • Super-micro insulated probe
  • Possible to mount on ICF70 flange
  • It can measure at nonradiative range.
  • Radical monitor head
  • Controlled power sauce
  • Evacuation system
  • Data analyzing device
  • Adapter for installing the head (optional)

For further information regarding various types of radical measuring and the applicational device, please contact us.

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